Parliamentary activity
Meetings and engagements 
One parliamentary meeting took place in October:

24th October:

  • Emma Hardy MP (Labour, Hull West and Hessel, member of the Education Select Committee)

We currently have two meetings in the diary for November:

21st November:

  • Scott Mann MP (Conservative, Chair of the Dairy APPG)

28th November:

  • Jackie O’Neil and Cat Byrne (Healthy Pupils Unit at Department for Education)

We have been continuing to chase meeting requests to a range of parliamentarians, including those on the Dairy, Children, Early Years and Food APPGs.

Drop-in event

We have secured sponsorship from former shadow farming minister Mary Glindon MP for a drop-in event in 28th October. The meeting which will focus on the need to secure a replacement for the EU school milk scheme.

In preparation for this:

We will be sending tailored invites to MPs with dairy constituencies, MPs with high levels of deprivation in their constituencies, and general invites to all MPs and peers.
We have updated our statistics on childhood obesity and dental health to support the event.

Parliamentary Questions

We have sent draft written parliamentary questions to Emma Hardy following our recent meeting and are currently chasing these.

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