European School Milk Scheme

  • We have received further responses from our engagement with Welsh Assembly Members. Plaid Cymru’s Spokesperson for Rural Affairs, Simon Thomas, shared a response from the Welsh Government to the letter we drafted asking for commitment on a replacement to the EU school milk scheme after Brexit.  Kirsty Williams, the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Liberal Democrat AM for Brecon and Radnorshire responded on behalf of the Welsh Government. The response highlighted current provisions and said, “We will explore options for the future of the scheme, as part of our wider consideration around departure from the EU.”

  • We have continued to update our summary of all the member states’ strategies to the EU School Milk Scheme as more strategies have been published. We are paying particular attention to the complementary educational measures for ideas on how to promote milk consumption in children in the UK.

  • We have responded to an article published in iNews revealing that the American dairy industry is lobbying its Government to try to include lower dairy standards in the upcoming US-UK trade deal. The response was sent to Cahal Milmo, the journalist running the story to be included in future stories. The response outlined the SNMA’s support of “Defra’s recent announcements that they will continue to uphold high animal welfare standards in farming in the UK” as part of its campaign “to safeguard high quality school milk for our future generations.”
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