European School Milk Scheme
  • We have received a response from Defra Minister George Eustice, to the SNMA’s open letter asking about a replacement for the EU school milk scheme. Mr Eustice expressed his support for school milk and pledged that any future changes to school milk subsidies will be subject to consultation.
  • We have also received a response to our request for regional data on the uptake of school milk from Tom Hubberstey, Senior Policy Advisor at Defra, inviting the SNMA to a meeting to discuss the matter further.
  • We have compiled a summary of all the member states’ strategies to the EU School Milk Scheme that have been published. The UK’s strategy is relatively generous, offering milk daily to three to 18-year-olds. The strategies also include details on complementary educational measures as part of the scheme, which includes subject content covered in class, visits to dairy farms and inviting dairy farmers into schools to talk to children.
  • We have chased MSPs who we contacted in September on the EU school milk scheme and Bill Kidd MSP has responded to inform us that his colleague Emma Harper MSP has written to Michael Gove, to highlight the importance of school milk and how much the EU currently contributes to the subsidies in Scotland.

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