The members of the School and Nursery Milk Alliance are trusted suppliers of milk to schools and nurseries, as well as dedicated companies who have involved in the implementation of milk schemes.

Together we are determined to support and strengthen the provision for school and nursery milk, helping to ensure all children receive the benefits from milk they need for healthy growth and development. We unite in order to highlight the importance of the school and nursery milk schemes and to protect the provision going forward.
Joining the Alliance offers a range of benefits:
If you are a dairy or milk supplier...
Supporter of the Alliance

You will be able to support the Alliance’s work to promote the benefits of school and nursery milk to ensure that there’s a strong future for milk in schools.
Receive regular updates

You will receive monthly and quarterly updates on developments relevant to the School and Nursery Milk Alliance, including an update on our activities to promote school and nursery milk and any relevant policy developments.
Stay up-to-date

You will be swiftly informed about any developments that might affect your role in supplying school and nursery milk, as well as advice and suggestions on from experts at the School and Nursery Milk Alliance.
Get involved

You will be kept up to date about current and future Alliance campaigns and given the opportunity to get involved if you want to.
Want to become a member?
To continue the encouragement of the school and nursery milk provision, why not become a member of the School and Nursery Milk Alliance? Register your interest with us to find out more information about how to get started.
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Our current members include...
  • 5 a Day Box Ltd
  • A Salisbury Dairyman Ltd
  • Abercorn Dairies
  • Adam Cartwright Limited
  • Adrian Foulger Dairyman
  • AG Harcombe Dairies Ltd
  • Alan Steel Dairies
  • Andrew King
  • Arnold Dairies
  • Arran Dairies
  • B Shotton Dairies
  • Barry Dodd
  • Bartonsham Dairy
  • Bates Dairy
  • Bellows Direct Food Services
  • Blunham Dairy
  • Bobs Dairy
  • Bonaly Farm Dairy
  • Brecon Milk t/a R And R Davies
  • C and J Milk Ltd
  • CBS Dairies
  • CHF Wight Milk
  • Chris Sewell
  • Cornish Farm Produce Ltd
  • Cotteswold Dairy Conwy Valley
  • Craig Farm Dairies
  • Creamline Dairies
  • Cross Dairies
  • Cundys Dairy
  • Cymru Dairy
  • D and D Dairies Angus
  • D and M Wholesale Greengrocery
  • D J Wright Dairies Ltd
  • D R Bruce Milk Retailer Ltd
  • D Wells Milk Deliveries
  • Dairy Home Team Limited
  • Dales Dairies
  • Dale's Dairy
  • DE Evans Ltd
  • Deacons Dairy
  • Des Dairies
  • DJM Dairies Ltd
  • East Anglia Dairies Newark
  • Extel
  • F Peat
  • Floral Mile Dairy Ltd
  • Franklins Dairy
  • Fresh Pastures
  • G W Knowles
  • Gary Hire
  • George And Linda Curtis
  • Grahams Dairies
  • Gundenham Dairy
  • H Byham and Son Ltd
  • Hanover Dairies Limited
  • HDS Home Delivery Service
  • Hillsborough Dairy
  • IW Critchley and Sons Ltd
  • J and A Halton and Sons
  • J Jones and Son Dairies Ltd
  • Jacksons Dairies Ltd
  • Jacques Dairy
  • John Kerr & Son Dairyman Ltd
  • John Shepherd
  • Kays Dairy Ltd
  • Kirby and West Ltd
  • Larry Hill Dairies Ltd
  • Latham Dairies
  • Leominister Dairies as W L Dairies Ltd
  • Lillie Brothers Ltd
  • M H Dairies Ltd
  • Mark Robins
  • Mary Gray Milk Delivery
  • Marybelle Dairy
  • McQueens Dairies Ltd
  • Midway Farm Dairy
  • Moojuice Ltd
  • MoreFresh
  • Morgan's Dairy Limited
  • Muirheads Dairy
  • Muller Milk and Ingredients
  • Müller UK & Ireland Group LLP
  • N F Collins and Son
  • Nigel Dairys
  • North Lakes Foods Ltd
  • North Street Dairy
  • P and D Kelly Ltd
  • P J Thomas
  • Pardys Dairies Ltd
  • Parker Dairies
  • Paul Tathams Dairymen
  • Peak District Dairy Ltd
  • Pensworth Dairies
  • Perkins Milk And Dairy
  • Pete Rich Dairyman
  • Peter Brown
  • Peter Francis
  • Phil Bramall and Partners
  • Phil Robinson
  • Philip Wood
  • Planks Dairies
  • Plumbs Dairy
  • Pogson Bros
  • Premier Dairies
  • R D Bretherton
  • R Lindsay
  • R R Joyce and Son
  • Rays Dairies
  • Richard Mathias Dairies
  • RJ and S Layton
  • Robertson Dairies
  • Rossers Dairies Ltd
  • Rowlands Dairy
  • Ryan Stroud
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Set Produce Ltd
  • Shaun Wilson
  • Somerset Dairy
  • SSL Foodservice Ltd
  • St Quintins Creamery Ltd
  • Standalane Farm Dairy
  • Stephen Fleming Dairyman
  • Steve Shelton Dairies
  • Steven Williams
  • Sunrise Dairies
  • T Coggins Dairyman
  • Tamar Dairy
  • Tamar View Fruiterers
  • The Capital Dairy Company Boston
  • The Fresh Milk Company
  • The Fruit Basket
  • The Milk Company UK Ltd
  • TPS Fruit and Veg LTD
  • TY Tanglwyst Dairy
  • Vale Dairy
  • W G Young Milk Deliveries
  • Wells Farm Dairy
  • White House Dairy
  • Whitley Dairies
  • Wirral Milk and Dairy Supplies
  • WJ Phillips
  • Woodbine Dairies Ltd
  • Woodside Supplies
  • Yarm Milk Ltd