European School Milk Scheme
We have been chasing Defra to secure a meeting with civil servants to discuss a replacement for the EU school milk scheme, as they previously suggested that they would be in a position to discuss this in the autumn. 
We have been monitoring member states’ responses to the changes in the EU School Milk Scheme as they have been published. We will prepare a summary focusing on the structures of the scheme and educational measures included, to inform our own work on a post-Brexit UK School Milk Scheme.
We have been chasing our letter to Michael Gove which was sent as part of our work for World School Milk Day, to ask for an update to his position on school milk subsidies after Brexit. They have informed us that a response is being drafted. At the World Dairy Summit, he said that he would work to ensure that milk is available to children in UK schools after Brexit.
We are chasing the requests we previously sent to MSPs to ask them to take forward activity in Scotland to support the development of a new scheme milk scheme, given that agriculture will be a devolved issue after Brexit.

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