School Food Standards
The childhood obesity plan published in August proposed revisions to the School Food Standards based on the latest dietary advice on sugar and nutrition. We are currently acquiring further details on these revisions as well as monitoring for a potential consultation.
The Government’s announcement that it will not move ahead with any new schools sector legislation during this parliamentary term has led to confusion over the fate of the Education For All Bill. It is, however, now clear that if a new Education Bill is tabled, it will not be introduced until the beginning of the next parliamentary session in May 2017 at the earliest. Nevertheless, it remains our plan to draft amendments to any Bill – e.g. potentially requiring a report to Parliament each year evaluating the impact of the School Food Standards by region/take up. While it is unlikely that such an amendment would ultimately be passed into law, it will offer a good opportunity to discuss the role of school milk in Parliament, and the role of the School Food Standards specifically.
We are also continuing our review of the uptake rate of school milk provisions in Scotland through both FOI requests and direct contact with individuals in the relevant sectors.

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