European School Milk Scheme
The consultation on the revised European School Milk Scheme was expected to be launched in January, but has been delayed. It is now expected to be launched “in the coming weeks”. We will then draft a response for submission.
We have submitted evidence to a brief inquiry into Brexit and agriculture being conducted by the House of Lords EU, Energy and Environment Sub-Committee. This evidence highlighted the importance of the provision of school and nursery milk in supporting farmers, the role of school milk subsidies as a “pubic good” component of agricultural policy and the need for the UK to adapt a post-Brexit scheme to replace the EU programme. We are currently monitoring for the publication of two Defra green papers on Brexit that will give up the opportunity to provide further input. 
We are currently drafting the outline of a potential model for a new post-Brexit National School Milk Scheme. As part of this process, we have put together a series of questions for SNMA members to respond to and identify what they would like to see in a new programme. We will consult further on those questions shortly.

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