Update on the School Food Standards
The Alliance has continued to engage with local governor associations to ensure that its briefing on compliance with the School Food Standards is utilised by school governors across England. Below is a summary of responses that have been received in February:

  • Somerset Council will be sending the briefing to all 3000 governors in Somerset.
  • The Wiltshire Governor Association will host the briefing on its website.
  • Wirral Council has distributed the briefing to all of its governors and also included it in its spring newsletter.
  • Barnsley Governor Association has now hosted the briefing on its website.
  • Edsential added information on school milk to the Cheshire West and Chester schools bulletin in January 2016.
  • The Birmingham Governors Network will look at hosting the briefing on its website.
  • Newham Partnership Working distributed the briefing to Newham governors in its termly newsletter.
  • Devon Association of Governors has published a short news article on the School Food Standards.
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