Parliamentary activity
The Alliance has the following meetings scheduled with parliamentarians on 1st March:
  • Labour MP Jenny Chapman (Shadow Childcare Minister)
  • Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams (Secretary/Treasurer, Dairy APPG)
  • Crossbench peer Baroness Masham of Ilton (Co-Chair, Health APPG; Secretary, Primary Care and Public Heath)
The Alliance has also scheduled further meetings with the following parliamentarians on 16th March:
  • SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron (Vice Chair, Dairy APPG)
  • Labour peer Lord Watson of Invergowrie (Lords Education Spokesperson)

These meetings will help enable the Alliance to deliver parliamentary activity including tabling written and oral parliamentary questions, initiating and contributing to debates, and organising events. The Alliance has further meetings agreed in principle with three other parliamentarians, and will work to approach a further set of parliamentarians over the next few weeks.

The Alliance briefed peers ahead of Lord Storey’s oral question in the House of Lords on food and nutrition in schools. Conservative peer Lord Lexden asked whether free school milk will be reintroduced, with Crossbench peer Baroness Masham asking for information on school milk provision as some children are suffering from rickets, and Shadow Education Minister Lord Watson asking why academies established between 2010 and 2014 do not have to comply with the School Food Standards. The latter two peers were directly briefed by the Alliance. Education Minister Lord Nash responded that he would “consider” Lord Lexden’s suggestion, with high voluntary compliance with the School Food Standards meaning that further legislation is not required, and that Baroness Masham made a “good point”.

Following an approach by the Alliance, Shadow Farming Minister Nick Smith tabled two written questions to the Environment Secretary on the UK’s participation in the European School Milk Scheme. Moreover, Liberal Democrat Lords Environment Spokesperson Baroness Parminter tabled written questions to the Government on Defra’s plan to develop a strategy for the implementation of the European School Milk Scheme.
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