Activity in the health, education and environment sectors
The Department of Health has announced that the Government’s childhood obesity strategy will now be published in summer 2016, having initially been planned for winter 2015. A Department of Health spokesperson said that “it is a very complex issue and there is a lot of work going on to get it right”.

The Department of Health, Department for Education and Defra have published their five year departmental plans. The Department of Health plan included an ambition to reduce childhood obesity, whilst the Department for Education’s focused on improving school attainment, and Defra called for a world-leading farming industry. The Nursery Milk Scheme, European School Milk Scheme and School Food Standards were not mentioned in the departmental plans, nor was milk more generally.

The Alliance submitted a response to a topic engagement exercise by the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) on a proposed quality standard for oral health care in the community. Quality standards are intended to inform healthcare professionals on what advice or procedures they should undertake to improve healthcare. The Alliance’s response called for local authorities and dentists to encourage milk consumption as a way of improving oral health and reducing incidences of dental caries.

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