Update on the European School Milk Scheme
The European Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee has voted in favour of a proposal provisionally agreed by the European Parliament and the European Council of Ministers to merge the European School Milk Scheme with the European Fruit and Vegetables Scheme.
This proposal will merge the two schemes under a single legal and financial framework, and will have a budget of €250 million/year - €100 million for milk products and €150 million for fruit and vegetables. It will also require member states to draw up an implementation strategy for the scheme – to be developed by Defra in the UK – which must include education measures (featuring nutrition experts and farmers). The scheme must be implemented from August 2017.
The final proposal will be voted on by the entire European Parliament in March/April 2016, before being voted on by the Council and then becoming law.
The Alliance is scheduling a meeting with Defra to discuss its plans for stakeholder engagement in the build up to developing its implementation strategy, to ensure that the opinions and expertise of those involved in school milk are properly represented. Defra had previously told the Alliance that it was keen for the Alliance to be involved in developing this strategy. The Alliance is also planning engagement with the European Commission on the remaining details of the merged scheme which are yet to be determined.
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