European School Milk Scheme
Following an extensive set of consultations, during which the SNMA responded to requests for comment from the European Commission, Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government, the final steps were taken this month to bring the new European School Milk Scheme into force across the UK, with the approval of statutory instruments covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland put forward similar legislation last month and, the scheme was launched on 1st August.

With the process of bringing in the new scheme now complete, we are building on our earlier efforts to secure a post-Brexit subsidy programme. We are currently drafting an overview of what we believe a new scheme should look like, and will be engaging with Defra later as plans develop. We are also mapping school milk stakeholders in Scotland. We will soon expand this effort to Wales and Northern Ireland with a view to building a coalition of supporters for a new programme across the UK’s nations.

Additionally, we have written to Defra to request statistics on school milk scheme uptake, including data on the percentage of primary school children eligible for the scheme who were receiving milk and the overall number of portions claimed for.

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