European School Milk Scheme
Defra has previously told us that the UK will continue to participate in the existing EU school milk scheme, which will continue to run until 31 July 2017, but that it is too early to provide answers on the revised EU School Milk Scheme which is due to be implemented in September 2017. Now that some time has passed since the outcome of the EU referendum, we are in the process of setting up a meeting with Defra to find out more about their plans for the future of the European School Milk Scheme, as well as pushing them on a UK funded replacement.

We submitted a comment piece to EDUcatering magazine, which will hopefully be published in the back-to- school issue in September. This covers a number of topics around school food, including the European School Milk Scheme, and argues that the UK Government must set up a replacement scheme. Other topics covered include the Eatwell Guide and the School Food Standards.

We also sent information to the National Farmers Union with a view to them including an article in a future edition of their consumer magazine Countryside.

We have also continued to keep in touch with the European Commission to find out when a formal consultation will be launched the on the implementing acts which will set out further details on the revised EU School Milk Scheme, including the accompanying educational measures.

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